Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our 1st ultrasound!

We had our first Ultra sound. I was so excited to see there was something in their after all. I took my little man Ryder with me. Bryan could not go with work. Its so different with the third compare to your first. Bryan was able to go to every doctors appt with Hayzen. Bryan wishes it could be like it was. His work was so flexible but now his work is so different. Ryder got to see the baby. It was moving and kicking. The doctor pretty much said this is a wild child. I hope not I have two of them already!
Isn't it soooo cute!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I am really not great at doing things like the blog. But I want the memories of my family and boys that I never write down or if I write them down I can't find them. So, I am going to really try and keep up on this. Sorry who ever reads these if they are a little boring. I want this to be a blog that I can go back and read to laugh about or cry about in 10 years from now. I am learning to add more and be more creative with this. It seems the only time I really have to update it is at work.

I have been working to much lately. It will probably help with the christmas shopping. I have to subtract the vet bill I got this weekend from my izzy. She decided to engorge the wish bone that fell on the floor. Bryan asked me what I gave Izzy to eat. I said nothing. He picked her up and she just finished the whole bone except a small piece. I didn't really know that was deadly for small dog to eat a bone. I guess it's mainly bird bones that are deadly. Luckily I took the morning off of work to go see Hayzen play basketball but instead I ran her to the vet hospital. First of all they totally take advantage of people at the vet hospitals and second of all I could of given her ipacac because thats pretty much what they did in a really expensive way. Anyways she is ok and thats all that matters.

I have to mention a funny thing Ryder said to me. I have been explaining why we celebrate christmas. So he's been learning about baby jesus. So,we were putting christmas decorations up and I playing xmas music. Ryder is trying to sing the songs and there is a song that came on about baby Jesus. He said to me that he wanted to be baby jesus so that maybe someone would sing a song about him. I laugh so hard. I though that was the cutest! He says the funnest things lately. A couple of days ago he went with Bryan and my dad to move a truck. I guess Bryan said they were trying to get this truck onto a trailer and they were having a tough time. Ryder was watching with his arms folded waiting patiently. This woman went walking passed and Ryder looked up at her and said "Were having a little problem" in a casual voice with his arms still folded.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We have a new surprise on the way. I am 10wks pregnant! I have been sicker with this one. I don't know if that means anything. I have been feeling nauseous all day. I wasn't sleeping at night and waking up sick. Ryder didn't think I was very fun either. Now I am feeling alot better that the doctor prescribed antinausea medication.

My first real doctors appt is next tuesday. I did have my aunt that is an ultrasound tech preform a sonogram and tape it. I was only 6 wks. We found a little peanut with an exceptional strong heart beat. It was so cool to see that there was something in there. Well, I am really excited to see the baby again in a week.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hayzen's gremlin year 2008

Hayen's first year of football. The cooperhill's gremlin's. Hayzen played corner and tightend. He absolutely love football. It was a great experience for him. The games were always exciting and never a dull moment. I am so proud of him. He played amazing and was so fun to watch him succeed. He is my star!